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Time Slots
Unless special arrangements are made in advance, all students have a standing, weekly lesson time. (For example: Each Tuesday at 2:30.) 

All lessons must be paid for in advance. Unless other arrangements have been made, lesson fees are due on your first lesson, and the last lesson of each following month.

Make-Up Lessons & Cancellations

If you need to cancel your lesson for any reason, call me at least 12 hours in advance and we'll schedule a make-up lesson. If you do not call, you will be required to pay for the time-slot you missed. If you find you're repeatedly missing or rescheduling lessons, I'll happily work with you to permanently rearrange your time slot. Frequent rescheduling of lessons is strongly discouraged.

If one student is late, this affects all the students that follow him or her. It also eats up a lot of my personal time. Because of this, if you're late, your lesson will be shorter. You are buying a specific block of time (for example: 2:30 to 3:30), so try to be on time! :)

Going once a week to a voice teacher will not magically improve your voice. You must practice at home, too! Please bring a blank cassette tape to all lessons, so that you can refer back to what you've learned, and write down your assignments in a notebook.

From time to time, I loan students sheet music to copy so they can practice effectively. It's important to return such sheet music at your next lesson. If you fail to return music in a timely fashion, you will be charged replacement costs.